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Salads are popular due to their health benefits, but they can be tasty and interesting as well.

There was a time when it was considered to "sissy" to prefer one to good cut of steak, but the trend has changed over the years until they are now part of regular meals.

One interesting thing about them is that almost all cuisines have their own version of ideas, be it fruit, vegetable, fish or others.

Some have a seasonal character as well, changing their flavor and ingredients according to availability, especially vegetables and fruits.

Ingredients may range from green leaves to crunchy grains poultry, fish, eggs, ham, meat, seafood, the list is endless.

It can be consumed as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Some may be hot or cold and the dressings differ from the most simple to the most imaginative.

salad recipes

Salad recipes can be altered, the ingredients remaining the same with altered salad dressing.

The most popular recipe is olive oil dressing of course, but there are other exotic dressing as well, easily available in the market.

Chinese, European, American, Asian, salads come in different forms and they are all great meals by themselves.

For instance a most popular salad can be derive from Mexican cuisine of taco without its shell, lettuce, tomatoes, meat, cheese, beans etc.

with dressing ranging from salsa, cumin, garlic etc. Tortilla chips can be added as a side serving to make it more interesting.

healthy salad The most popular among them all is the chicken salad. Which consists of lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, eggs, cantaloupes, papayas, grapes or any fruits, nuts, with sour cream teriyaki cream or even yoghurt as dressing.

The word fruit salad recipe is a misnomer, actually, it does not have a designated recipe.

Fresh seasonal fruits can be gathered and used with one's own innovations.

It can be had at room temperature, or frozen, with cream, or ice-cream as toppings and can be had as dessert or snacks.

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