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Every time we wake up in the morning we start to think about what the day will bring.

Among the things that you will think about is work, your job, the commute to the office, your deadlines, and what to eat for breakfast.

Let’s not mention lunch, dinner and eating healthy. And of course quick easy recipes for them all would not hurt either.

Yup, food is one of things that come to mind. It is only natural.

You need something to fire you up for the rest of the day.

There are several quick easy recipes intended for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all quick easy recipes that you should learn yourself if you want to become independent from the unhealthy breakfasts beings served in fast food joints.

Keep in mind eating healthy is the objective here.

A cookbook created with you in mind……Click Here! Let’s begin with some easy breakfast dishes. If you have several leftover potatoes from your dinner the previous day, you can eat if for your breakfast.

What you do is pan fry the potatoes after you have already chopped them into bite sized pieces. You should add onions and some pepper to taste.

Allow the potatoes to fry until a little crisp on the sides. This is a good, full breakfast meal.

You can side it off with a serving of side salad and being washed down by a fruit shake or smoothie.

Or create your own sandwich. You can experiment with whatever slices of ham, sausages, or even leftover chicken or turkey.

You can try using English muffins as your sandwich bread to make it a little different.

Add egg and cheese to your filling including some tomatoes, romaine, mayo, mustard and ketchup.

If this breakfast sandwich won’t keep you going the whole day, or just until the next meal which is lunch.


Beef pitas can be quite good for a lunch meal. Get some ground beef out of your fridge. You mix it with some yogurt, mustard, and bell pepper.

You stuffed your pita with this mixture and you’re done. You can pack and bring this to your office.

If you’re fed up with sandwiches and even pitas for lunch, you can always go with some ramen.

You can cook it in a microwave. It is fast and quite tasty. To make it heavier, you can always add some chicken, turkey or beef leftovers in it.

And to have a healthy approach, avoid using the seasonings provided in the package.

Try to make your own. You can easily make something out from lemon pepper and/or chili powder.

Some soy sauce or even oyster sauce might do the trick.

If you’re a little bit weight conscious, you can pack some tuna pasta or tuna salads.

All you need are some greens, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, olive oil, and maybe some nuts or cranberries, and tuna.

Just mix everything up, add some pepper if you like it and munch away. You can replace tuna with turkey or chicken.

You have a good and fulfilling lunch right there.

You can have pasta as well. Prepare a sauce from pesto add some cheese and spicy Italian sausages and voila.

Combine with some bread and you’ll survive until dinner.


A cookbook created with you in mind……Click Here! If you have time before you go to work, you can already prepare some burger patties for a dinner meal.

Your patties can be made from pork, turkey, or chicken mixed with breadcrumbs.

Add some salt and pepper to taste and you’ll have pretty tasty burgers on your plate.

Grill or broil the patties and serve with sauce, mustard or ketchup.

You see if you know some quick easy recipes for daily cooking, you won’t go hungry.

Plus you will have variety and you and your family will enjoy more of your every day meals.

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