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The middle of the day requires nourishment, even if it is kept at a miniumum and light.

While working in the office or on the road, most often people ignore the hunger pains and skip lunch.

Packed lunch is boring; eating out is expensive and time consuming, so it is better to go without food.

However, skipping a meal at the middle of the day is not advisable because the body metabolism will most likely go into rebound effect accumulate fat, compounding the problem of weight and fitness.

While it is true that eating a healthy lunch is vital-without overeating, of course-the problem is to get into the trouble of making an elaborate lunch.

Lunch recipes are plenty to find, but to get into the trouble to go by them is to much.

There is simply no time. Some quick and easy lunch recipes may fix the problem.

soup recipes Healthy lunch recipes can be acquired from different cook cooks or the internet and tried out, so that one does not have to spend too much time in the kitchen.

Different types of salads, such as artichoke and tuna salad, Cesar salad, chicken and fruit salad, or even plain vegetable garden salad are quick lunch recipes which can be thrown together for a midday meal.

It will be light and at the same time healthy and tasty to eat as well. Besides salads, there are different types of sandwiches which can be tried out as well.

Apart form the bland chicken or tuna sandwich, there are a variety of combinations to choose from. One does not even need to stick to local lunch recipes.

Instead, easy and fast lunch recipes can be accessed from the net and innovated upon to try and make new types of healthy lunch.

Lebanes Salad Recipe

For instance, Thai shrimp salad, or stir fried Chinese vegetables, with a little bit of chicken and fish thrown in make great light meals.

This type of fast lunch recipes can be tried out instead fo heavy meals, which are cumbersome to make and loaded with calories.

For the most adventurous, there is the Middle Eastern way of cooking, such as the Lebanese potato salad, and for the one with a sweet tooth there are healthy lunch recipes such as balsamic spiked strawberries, where a dash of balsamic vinegar and sugar brings out the taste of the strawberries.

It does not take much effort, but these easy lunch recipes are a great way to keep the midday hunger pain and blood sugar dip at bay and remain healthy as well.

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