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    What games did Microsoft produce?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Fighting Simulation 3: COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 3)
      A fighting 4: Diablo (® 4: Black Knight)
      Zoo Tycoon ™
      n Steel Bullet Commander 2 (® 2)
      Century Empire II: Age of Empiresr II: The Expansion
      mechs hegemony 4: Avengers (IV)
      Pan Duo Pandoras Box
      METAL Gear Solid
      Midtown Madness 2 (Midtown Madness 2)
      Galaxy cavalry ()
      Motocross Madness 2)
      Calcus Golf 2001 (Links 2001)
      Golf 2001 (Golf 2001)
      The simulation flight 2000 (Flight Simulator 2000)
      Age of Empires®
      Century Empire: Age of Empires® Expansion: The Rise of Rome
      Century Empire II: Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings® )
      AGE of Empires Edition

    2. Many

      The imperial eras, Microsoft car rally, free gun cavalry, national rise, mythical era.

      The halo was also considered by Microsoft because the production company was acquired by Microsoft.

      The land siege.

      It personally I always think that Microsoft is the biggest enemy of blizzard

      for example

      R N Diablo VS Dungeon Siege

      The rise of Warcraft 3VS countries

    3. The Age of Empires (the genuine release is 6: the Imperial Age 1. The Roman Revival of the Imperial Age, the Empire Age 2 and the Data Data Empire Era 2 conqueror, the Empire Age 3 and the Data Pseudo Empires 3 Asia 3 Dynasty and chief)
      Microsoft Simulator
      Microsoft Train Simulator
      Microsoft Simulat Trucks
      R n (Halo2)
      Slaise 3 (Halo3)
      The rise of the country (Rise of Nations) and the expansion film "The Rise of the Country: Patriotic War" and "State of the Country Rise: The Rise of Legend "

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