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    What are the rules of playing Apple chess?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Wuzi Chess is one of the traditional black and white chess species originated from ancient China. Modern Wuzi Chess Japanese is called "Lianzhu", English translation is "Renju", and English is called "Gobang" or "FIR" (abbreviation of Five in a ROW). Beads "," five eyes "," five eyes "," five grids "and other titles.

      The five -son chess can not only enhance thinking ability, improve intelligence, but also rich in philosophy, helping to cultivate body nourishment. The five -son chess has the obvious characteristics of modern leisure "short, flat, fast", but also the high -profile knowledge of classical philosophy "Yin and Yang Yili"; it has both simple and easy -to -learn characteristics, is well -known for the people, and has profound skills and high skills and high skills and high skills and high skills. The level of international competitions; its chess culture is long, with the mystery of the East and the intuition of the West; there is both the concept of "field" and a "point" connection. It is the communication point of Chinese and Western culture, and the crystallization of ancient and modern philosophy.

      The five -son chess originated in ancient China, developed in Japan, and swept in Europe. There are two sayings of the relationship with Go. One is earlier than Go. Before "Yao Zuo Go", there was a five -son chess game before the "Yao created Go". One said that it originated from Go and is a branch of Go's development. In Chinese culture, it is favored by people. The ancient Wuzi chess is the same as Go, and seventeen. Wuzi Chess was introduced to North Korea, Japan and other places in the northern and southern dynasties of my country in the northern and southern dynasties of China. According to Japanese historical documents, ancient Chinese five -son chess was passed on to Japan during the Japanese Yuanlu era from 1688 to 1704 through Korea (North Korea). In the 32nd year of the Meiji of Japan (1899 AD), after the public signs, the name "Lianzhu" was officially determined, and it was obedient to "the sun and the moon are like a wall, and the five stars like Lianzhu". Since then, the Lianzhu activity has been continuously improved, mainly due to the changes in the rules (that is, the restrictions on the side of the black chess). "Double Three"; 1912 stipulated that the black side was forced to take the "double three" and also lost; in 1916, the black side was not allowed to take the "long company"; in 1918, the black side was not allowed to take "four, three, three" ; 1931 stipulated that Black side was not allowed to take the "double four", and stipulated that the 19 × 19 Go plate was changed to a 15 × 15 -dedicated chessboard. The fifth son of this century was introduced to Europe and quickly swept throughout the European. Through a series of changes, the simple game of Wuzi Chess is complicated and standardized, and eventually becomes today's professional Lianzhu Wuzi Chess, and also a kind of international game

      It is also called Apple chess, flipping chess, is a classic strategic game. It uses the 8X8 chessboard, which is checked by the two people who take turns to play blacks and Bai Zi.
      It black and white chess rules are simple, but the change is complicated, which is a typical difficulty of learning.
      The black and white chess was invented by the British at the end of the 19th century. Until the 1970s, a Japanese developed it and borrowed Shakespeare's famous drama Othello. It was renamed this game, which is the black and white chess played by everyone now. Why use Shakespeare's famous drama? It is because O two is the leading actor of a famous drama in Shakespeare. He is a black man and his wife is white. Because of the provocation of the villain, he suspected that his wife had never been loyal to the sea, and eventually killed his wife. Later, the truth was white, O two regretted, and died of suicide. Black and white is named by the story of this black and white struggle.
      The earliest black and white chess appeared in China was on the Nintendo game console in the 1980s, but from then on the people who have been playing to the present have been counted. We can only say that since then, China has appeared for the first time since then. It was black and white; then the launch of Windows 3.0 in 1990. At that time The mine sweeping and playing cards I see; the Wenqu Xing who let a large number of people know the black and white chess, Wen Qu Xing's black and white chess power is very low. After a few sets of people, they can easily defeat it. At the point, people are obstructive, without seeing the forest, thinking that black and white chess but not in the black and white chess; after the real development of black and white, after the popularity of the Internet, black and white, as a classic strategic game, have been received by the majority of netizens, especially they have been hoping to exercise intelligence intelligence. The love of netizens.

    2. Game rules: Any chess pieces that are hit by the opponent's two chess men on the horizontal, vertical lines or oblique lines will be converted into the opponent. In the process of the game, the game directly touch the chess chess. If the steps you put on, you cannot pinch the opponent's chess or the touched squares that have been touched, and the "invalid chess" prompt will appear. When the player has no time to play chess, the "computer chess" prompts, and the computer will play automatically. If there is no time to play chess, the computer will give a prompt "please play chess". When the chessboard is full, the number of chess pieces is the winner.

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