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    Is there a high chance of having the same flowers in joy?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Is there a high chance of having the same flowers in the joy of joy? Analysis of the probability of joy in the three -way fellow n Happy spelling three vertical chess and card games, which adds various innovative gameplay on the basis of the three pieces of fighting War, Crazy 3 2, etc., you must play more happily in other modes, and you must be proficient in the classic model first.
      three cards with the same color of the same color can be called the same flower. The fellow flowers are relatively large cards. There are also many combinations of the same flower. What about the probability of appearing?
      The probability of each other with the same flower is roughly as follows:
      a gold
      (12*11/2-2)*4 = 256 kinds
      23 .36%
      k gold
      (11*10/2-1)*4 = 216 species
      q gold
      (10*9/2-1 )*4 = 176 species
      j gold
      (9*8/2-1)*4 = 140
      8 gold r
      (6*5/2-1)*4 = 56 kinds
      7 gold
      (5*4/2-1)*4 = 36
      3 . 28%
      It is easy to see that the A, K, Q brand golden flower accounts for 59.12%, so the big -name golden flower is still more likely to appear. After a series of calculations, we found that when the hand is Q
      5, the probability of victory and defeat is the same, so we can define the size of the golden flower: greater than q
      5 is the big golden flower, which is less than Q
      5 is a small golden flower.
      This above is the joy of the joy of three fans brought by the editor of Crabic.com for you? The analysis of the probability of three fellows in joy. I hope to help everyone, I wish you all a happy game!

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