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    I want to ask which episode is the old family in the Northeast family coming


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. In the "Northeast Family", Lao Xun came to episode 28. One day Uncle Niu heard the recorder in a shop on the street that was placed in Xuecun's song. After hearing it, he felt very nice, so he found a tape to learn to sing with the whole family. Later, I met a mentally retarded boy who ran away from home. The teenager said that he and Uncle Niu lived in a city, so the kind uncle Niu kept taking care of the young man along the way.
      "The Northeast Family" is a long comedy produced by a British film and television company. It is directed by director Yingda, Li Qi, Peng Yu, Jinzhu, Gong Hanlin, Lu Xiaopin, Li Ying and others. The background of the TV series is in Changchun City, Jilin Province, a three generations of ordinary workers' families working in a large state -owned enterprise. In the face of social transformation, there are various changes in the enterprise. A series of yin and yang differences occurred by each family member and relatives and friends around them, making people laugh.
      The British brothers hoped to invite all the outstanding comedians of the Northeast home when planning "The Northeast Family", but in this drama, they could not invite Zhao Benshan and Huang Hong. Characters. Because Zhao Benshan was performing a drama in Guangdong at the time, Huang Hong was filming in the ditch in Hebei.
      In more about which episode is the old family in the Northeast, enter: m./ask/? ZD view more content

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