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    How to promote your mobile game


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The summary of the game promotion and drainage method is as follows:
      1. The game guild is mainly profitable through the CPS mode. You can choose to cooperate with other guilds, or you can build a guild to wash. Generally, the guild is mainly promoting independent games. It rarely operates the platform. If you choose to cooperate with the guild, you can provide a sub -background to the guild, and then the guild downloads the game link for promotion.
      2, Internet celebrity anchor, short video drainage. At present, short videos are traffic air outlets, which are content that can be done for a long time. The anchor of the Internet celebrity is similar to the guild mode. You can find an anchor to cooperate, or you can do live drainage by yourself. Live platform: Huya, Douyu, Douyin, Kuaishou, Watermelon Video, etc. Short video drainage belongs to content marketing, which requires corresponding content output capabilities, which can bring long -term stable traffic.
      3, recruit lower -level channels, promoters. This category is fission marketing. In the Internet era, fission can bring qualitative changes. Specific operations: The relevant content of the game is output through major platforms to create IPs to attract fans who want to make money through games; recruiting websites to publish recruitment information, which can be part -time or offline.
      The above is some of the relatively mainstream promotion and drainage methods of mobile game promotion. If you are interested in the promotion of the handwriting agent, you can only enter the industry if you need to enter the industry with a minimum of 198. With your own promotion background background , Generate your own promotion links, background settlement, querying player flowing water, etc. This is the function introduction web link link. You can take one or two minutes to understand, and there is a business on it to do directly.

    2. 1. New media's hearts

      The continuous fermentation of new media influence is increasingly affecting the number of products of a product. Through the promotion of new media, more people can be triggered. Boyi, WeChat, Baidu Tieba and major game communities are basic construction and auxiliary publicity. The officials of mobile games can guide players to discuss, publish updates, related news, version updates, related notices, game announcements, etc. through these platforms to guide players to discuss, exchange gameplay, and provide players with a space for vomiting. Although the new media cannot bring users directly to mobile games, it can largely stabilize users, and at the same time, it can also keep mobile games a certain search index.

      2, traditional channels should focus on

      traditional channels are the most promotion methods for game manufacturers. There are not many traditional channels suitable for mobile game promotion. It is still an app store, such as Application Bao, 360 mobile phone assistant, Xiaomi App Store, Gionee Software Store, OPPO Cocoa Store, Huawei Application Market, etc. The cooperation methods of general application stores and mobile games are mainly CPS. auxiliary. Through the recommendation of the application store, mobile games can get greater exposure and discover more potential players. At the same time, the recommendation of the application store can largely stimulate the curiosity of users, and promote more users to download the product to try it.

      3, the sharing mechanism is assisted

      The game sharing mechanism can also be regarded as the incentive mechanism of the game. It has a very important role. The game's sharing mechanism can bring existing players into more players. Game manufacturers can encourage players to share the game's circle of friends or friends through rewards or other ways, so that the game can occupy a place in the social circle and discover more potential players. This is also one of the effective ways to promote mobile games.

      4, ground push reinforcement

      has a small amount of users covered by ground push, but it is a very effective way. The effectiveness here does not refer to effectively effectively Instead of pushing interactive exchanges with players, conveying the concept of the game and product strategy through the push, promote the product image, carry out brand publicity, and get a good reputation in a small range.

      The ground pile is mainly "seeing small, combining noodles", so as to obtain a large -scale influence. It is worth mentioning that the peripheral products of derivative mobile games can play a finishing touch in the push of mobile games, which is more conducive to the brand building of mobile games and strengthen the influence of mobile games. Although the defects of the ground push are relatively obvious, the coverage is small, and more manpower and material resources are consumed, it is very conducive to the brand promotion of mobile games.

    3. After a long time of inspection, you finally determined to join a mobile game platform and get your own brand platform. The first thing is to see if this platform belongs to your own. The name of the platform is based on your name. What is required to modify is Liu Yong's platform's platform. Can you see the download and recharge volume of the player? Can you develop a subordinate agent? Can recharge be on his own account? These are no problem. Congratulations, you can rest assured to promote your platform.

      It here you may find, how do I promote it, these superior companies should have training for you, did not learn? It doesn't matter, today I will simply explain some experience in mobile game promotion.

      The first is a small way: group promotion. WeChat groups, QQ groups, community forums, these are available, and the cost will not be high. You can also develop players to play in your platform, which depends on the communication ability of your promoters.

      Cost -promotion: change group, there are many groups in the hands of the owners, you can contact them, use the resources on your hand to change them. This is also a kind of Good way to find players

      High -cost promotion: Baidu, 360 bidding, buying volume promotion, the Internet is an open platform, daily browsing users are astronomical numbers, using it, use Okay, it can also bring a lot of users.

      In short, whether it is a small cost or a large investment, we are to promote our platform, bring us profits, or learn more about various promotion methods. Don't spend more money. If you think Xiaobian said a little bit, please like it !!

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