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    How to operate chess and card mobile games on the wind?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “How to operate chess and card mobile games on the wind?”
    1. 1. Content operation.
      The content operation is the promotion artifact I think. After all, the operation itself needs to be promoted. In addition to the launch of the mobile game (room card) mobile game, the market needs a lot of content to fill. At this time, the content of chess and card will fill the content gap. At the same time, users also like it.
      has two directions that are operated, one is to operate content for mobile games, and the other is to promote content.
      The successful examples of content operations. For example, the most popular mobile game king glory at the moment, the official no longer needs to do content operations. Netizens will provide 'game perception' and 'game guide' based on the game.
      . The same is true of chess and card mobile games, operators can provide content services according to the mobile game itself, such as "how to open a room", "How to use the room to make money '(for agents)," How to invite your friends to experience it "and so on. These can appear in the game itself, or the public account of the enterprise, in the website.
      The content promotion is from the new media to build its own new media matrix. Introduce and output the relevant content of the hottest 'Fang Card and Card Mobile Games' at the moment.
      can also exit some videos about 'endgames' for user entertainment. I have said a lot about the direction of the new media before.
      2, event operation.
      The shortcomings (and advantages) of chess and card mobile games, that is, different urban gameplay, need to operate in different cities, and the early investment is relatively large, especially for development, but the advantages are also good, differentiated operations, and differentiated operations Can double the promotion effect.
      The same is true for local activities. You can organize some activities about chess and cards in some local businesses. Choose the activities of 'large and more' and 'small and beautiful'. You can play together or play at home.
      I have participated in the activity of chess and cards. The content of the activity is very simple. A certain wave organized an owner's activity, but I did not know what kind of activities I should start. At this time , Willing to provide activity content, event prizes, just play together.
      3, social operations.
      It room card chess and card mobile games another advantage (also disadvantage) is that the room is closed and different from the traditional chess and card game 'random entering the room'. To enjoy the game, you must promote your relatives and friends.
      The phenomenon here is that traditional chess and card game users are limited to the game itself. I am a user of a chess and card game and will enter the room randomly, but the room card chess and cards are just the opposite. A user wants to play. The game must be promoted to the friends around them, that is, potential users are non -users.

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