Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes

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Do you want to make a quick and easy recipe using pasta?

Well there is and one thing you can make that is rich in carbohydrates is carbonara.

But what is carbonara?

Basically it is spaghetti using white sauce.

The core ingredients for this quick and easy recipe include a mixture of cheeses, eggs and freshly cracked black pepper.

You can add cream, bacon, mushrooms and bacon to make it tastier.

There are two ways to make this dish. There is the Italian and the American version even if both use the same ingredients.

If you want to make the Italian version, make sure that you are using long pasta such as spaghetti, linguini, or fettucini.

To make the sauce, be sure to mix pancetta and garlic together with butter and olive in a separate pan before setting this aside.

You should all throw in some eggs and cracked better that are beaten in a bowl along with some cheese and pecorino.

When the pasta is ready, be sure to drain it and then save some of the water so you can use it to mix with the pasta and the pancetta.

After several minutes, you can put this in a plate and then serve.

For those who want to try the American version, cook the pasta while frying pancetta or bacon in a pan with garlic and thinly sliced shallots.

Make sure the pan is partially drained to remove some of the fat before adding heavy cream.

In a separate bowl, make the sauce using eggs, pepper and cheese. When it is ready, mix this with the pasta before being served.

Pasta Spaghetti Since we are talking about easy pasta recipes, there are other dishes you can make using pasta and the simplest one is spaghetti.

For that, all you have to do is buy spaghetti sauce and then mix this with minced pork and sausages.

Other alternatives to this include meatballs, tuna and a few other things so experiment a little so eating pasta is different each time you make it.

When this is being heated in a pan, boil the pasta while throwing in a few pieces of salt.

Get a small piece off pasta from time to time to be sure that it is not undercooked before turning off the stove.

Once the pasta and the sauce is ready, mix it together or put one in a plate and the other in a bowl.

That way, people have the choice to put as much sauce as they want. To make the pasta taste good, be sure to sprinkle some pepper and some cheese.

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If these two dishes are too easy for you, try making lasagna.

How to make this dish is very similar to spaghetti. The only differences is that this is done in layers since you are putting pasta and sauce alternately over a 10-by-18-inch baking dish until it reaches the top.

You also bake it in the oven for several minutes before serving.

Pasta is one of the quickest and easiest recipes to make given that you just need to do some cutting, boiling and frying before putting everything together.

Aside from following recipes that can be found in cookbooks or online, try coming up with a few concoctions of your own and share this with other people.

Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes

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